Help Stamp Out Cystic Fibrosis


The Stuart Gordon Fund Stamp Appeal

(In conjunction with Citadel Stamps)

Following Ruth and Ian appearing with Jon Snow on Channel 4 , The Stuart Gordon Fund agreed to accept donations for the research featured in this programme.

To watch  the programme click here.

This was the catalyst for launching our Stamp Appeal.
Would you like to help raise funds for cystic fibrosis research?

It’s easy, just save your used stamps and ask your family, friends, work colleagues, employer and local schools to help by saving their stamps. Put them in an envelope and send FREE to;

Details will appear here shortly but please do not send any stamps to Citadel Stamps.

All money raised will be used to help research teams currently working in the United Kingdom and Europe on “Repurposed therapies for Cystic Fibrosis”. This is the research which Dr Metha has been working on in Dundee. For further information on this click here.