How you have helped

The Stuart Gordon Fund was established in 1998 and with the help of our supporters has raised over £250,000, mainly for the benefit of families affected by Cystic Fibrosis.

We have no salaries to pay and most expenses are borne by the Trustees to ensure as much as possible of donations received is paid out to worthy causes.

We have given families financial assistance with;

Travel and subsistence costs when a child is in hospital.

Bicycles,  trampettes and exercise balls to give children much needed exercise to help clear mucus from their lungs,

Refrigerators to keep medication cool.


Expenses on the birth of a child.

We also give vouchers at Christmas to help make it more enjoyable.

These are  just some of examples of how we help and we also supply equipment for use in Ninewells Hospital and for patients’ use at home.

We also support research into specific Cystic Fibrosis projects  being supported by donations from throughout the United Kingdom as well as proceeds from our Stamp Appeal arranged in conjunction with Citadel Stamps in Stromness.  We have just transferred funds of £39,000 to help further this research . To see our post click here

The Charity is not confined to Cystic Fibrosis as we embrace all chronic illnesses and in the past we have contributed to CHAS ( Rachel House),  Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres,  the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign,  National Fragile X Foundation,   PATCH and  Scottish Huntington’s Foundation.



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