Ian and I on behalf of all the Trustees would like to bring you up-to-date with what is happening in The Stuart Gordon Fund, as we have been rather quiet recently.

Stuart’s Golf Day: Those of you who have taken part over the years may be wondering why you have not received any notifications this year. This is because there will be no further events, last year being the finale. With approximately £250,000 raised by the event over 21 years, and with both of us getting older, we decided to retire! Not from fundraising generally, just the golf day. Our co-trustees, Dan and Adam, are not in a position to take over due to their work commitments, so we say thank you to every one of you who have contributed in any way during the lifetime of the event. We have made so many friends through the golf day that there is some sadness attached to this decision but we hope you will understand why the decision has been taken.

We will, of course, continue to raise funds in Stuart’s name, as was his wish, so if any of you do want to contribute in any way, please do, and if we can be of any help, please let us know.

Stamp Appeal: This continues to be a good source of income despite having had to change the stamp dealer. It is a simple process. Email your name address to:

requesting an A4 envelope (or envelopes) and Xchange-master will send you a package including all the information you will need. If you prefer you can ring John on 0141 328 9357 to discuss your requirements. The envelopes are prepaid, so there is no cost involved. If you have large quantities of stamps, let xchange-master know and they will arrange for them to be picked up by courier and send you the appropriate prepaid label. Stamp Appeal boxes are also available if there is a counter or table near you for stamps to be popped in.

There are also boxes available for collecting unwanted foreign coins. If this of interest, it’s the same email address as above, and collection will be arranged at no cost to you, so if you perhaps work in an office where colleagues travel overseas, why not ask for a coin box so that unwanted foreign coins can be donated.

Please note it is NOT “Exchange-master” !

Donations: My Donate are no longer accepting charitable donations so we have arranged that donations may be made through our page at Wonderful. There is also a link to Wonderful on our Charity Choice page. Due to the way operates, it is not possible for us to acknowledge receipt of donations as quickly as we used to, but we will do as soon as possible (usually about a month later). As before, donations may be made under the Gift Aid Scheme. If you are organising an event for us, you can create a Fundraising page for it. It is preferable for donations via to be made by debit card rather than credit card as the deduction for payments by debit card is much smaller than by credit card.

Amazon “Smile”: If buying from Amazon, if you would like to support our charity please following this link:

Amazon Smile will donate 0.05% of the value of your purchase. While this seems a small amount, it soon mounts up when a number of Amazon customers, of whom there are so many, make purchases. Do please register if you are one of those.

Delta Dose Research Project: This is continuing with work being carried out in Leeds and Liverpool. £39,000 has been donated so far and we are hoping to make a further contribution of approximately £25,000 within the next month or so. Dr Anil Mehta continues to be our contact in connection with this work and he is confident that a full trial of the drugs involved (there are two) will start soon. The funds for this have been donated by the very generous public and put into a restricted fund for research use only.

And finally: Thank you so much to you all for your interest and support for what we do. There is a continuing need to offer support to those with Cystic Fibrosis (and other chronic conditions from time-to-time), although CF is always our main focus because of Stuart’s wish that we should look after those less well off than us. We always will, with your help. Thank you, one and all.

With best wishes

Ian and Ruth

Ian and Ruth Gordon

on behalf of us and

Dan Scott and Adam Gourlay

all Trustees of

The Stuart Gordon Fund

Scottish Charity SC028229

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